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Wesco Broadcast offers a wide variety of fiber solutions which are designed to keep you on the air. Wesco’s own Fibertron Custom Fiber Optics facility has the expertise to provide you with the right products and information.

No matter how complex or simple your installation needs are, Wesco Broadcast has the expertise to provide you with the right products and information for both your fiber optic cable, custom or molded fiber optic assembly and fiber optic connector needs.

Our custom assemblies are manufactured in the USA in a Corning Gold Certified facility. These assemblies include SMPTE hybrid fiber optic and tactical fiber cables for portable applications or harsh environments.

You can trust Wesco's own Fibertron Custom Fiber Optics to meet your most challenging point-to-point cabling needs. In performance, configuration, labeling and packaging, we have prestigious industry certifications in virtually every major marketplace.


  • Custom Fiber Install Cables
  • Custom Fiber Patch Cords
  • Data Center configurations
  • LEMO® Broadcast SMPTE Cables
  • Canare® Certified Broadcast SMPTE Cables
  • Pro A/V configurations
  • Standard Fiber Patch Cords
  • Field termination tools
  • Fiber cleaning kits

WESCO Assembly Brochure